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Office Cleaning

Clean office table and chairs

Many people spend as much time at the office as they do at home, yet few pay as much attention to keeping their workspace clean as they do their bedroom or kitchen at home. Making sure your office is clean can save you time and make you work more efficiently. Plus, the office is also a space where many germs spend their time, so a clean desk can help keep you healthy, too. Whether it is once a week, daily or every night, we ensure that everything is done thoroughly, and that your office building reflects positively on your business.

  • Dust and clean desks, furniture, computers and office equipment.
  • Clean and sanitize phones, doorknobs and switch plates.
  • Vacuum carpet and mop floors
  • Clean reception areas
  • Clean and shine glass surfaces
  • Dust picture frames and decor

The office cleaning offered by Cleaning Fairies is a strictly professional service. Our cleaning staff will come on site and clean any business or office in complete detail. This is not a touch-up style service, but a complete and thorough cleaning of the space. Our professionals can help with other tasks, such as vacuuming, dusting, and taking out the trash etc... We offer flexible hours and are experienced in working in a business or office environment . We understand the importance of clean offices and we get the job done with proper care and a professional approach.

As well as professionalism, we offer competitive prices. Our prices reflect the reliable and efficient office cleaning service we provide.

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We can take bookings by phone on Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm. Or use our contact page any time and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We can do regular cleanings on weekdays from 8.30am to 5.00pm. We can do one-off cleanings on weekdays usually after 4-5pm, however check for availability as we might are able to offer you something during the day. We could do Saturdays or Sundays but in this case you need to book us at least for 6 hours.

Service Area

1. Bristol
2. South Gloucestershire
3. North Somerset
4. Bath and North East Somerset

Service Area

Brands we use

Cif | always a beautiful ending Cleans Greasy Grime in Half the Time Most Powerful Toilet Cleaner we’re on a mission to fight dirty. Tough on grease. Gentle on your nose.


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